Mafia is the smallest island and it is considered as the “youngest brother” out of the 3 main islands off the coast of Tanzania (Zanzibar and Pemba are the other “brothers”). The moment your feet will stand on the ground of the island, you will become addicted to the relaxed atmosphere and the slow-paced lifestyle of this place.

Mafia Island is mostly famous as whale sharks island, since they visit the water around the island during their migration circle, from October to February every year. Mafia is also known as an incredible diving and snorkeling destination, as the water contains some of the most beautiful coral reefs with rich and diverse wildlife. The island is not very popular yet, and you will be able to see the authentic lifestyle of island people in addition to untouched nature and marine life.

Whether you are into marine life and nature or just looking for a place to chill and relax, Mafia Island is the ultimate place for your island beach holiday.


  1. Whale Shark tour – available from October to February. You will get a chance to swim next to those giants fish, the largest known fish species in the entire world.
  1. Diving and snorkeling – Mafia Island has a variety of sites for diving and snorkeling, at Mafia Marine Park at the southwest part of the island, and at Chole Bay located at the south-east part of the island.
  1. Sandbanks – there are several white sand beaches-islands around the main island of Mafia, just perfect for chilling and swimming around.
  1. Fishing – Fishing is the main livelihood source of the residents of the island. You can join the locals for a fishing day in the fish-rich water around the island.
  1. Chole Island tour – tiny island, home to about 1,300 residents, managing authentic old lifestyle. You will be able to learn about local life.
  1. Visit the lighthouse – at the northern point of the island, you will find an old lighthouse. You can go to the top of the lighthouse and see the spectacular view of the island.

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