Lake Chala it is a crater lake located on the border between Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lake is 55 km from Moshi town. The lake is by underground springs from Mount Kilimanjaro with a rate of about 10 million cubic meters per year. The lake has a unique phenomenon of its water color change depends on the season, it ranges from deep blue to turquoise and green. Surrounded by a 100 meters high crater rim which contains trees, grasses and variety of plants, some of them are unique to the area. The lake contains rich wildlife as well – you can find there hundreds species of birds and butterflies, Blue Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys, Dik-Dik, Kudu, Baboons and more. There are varieties of activities at this lake such as swimming, canoeing, Fishing, walking safaris and birdwatching. Lake chala is a perfect place to relax and enjoy beauty and nature. There is a bar along the shores of the lake where you can get drinks. It is a day trip, but there is an option of overnight, as there is a campsite and lodges nearby.

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