Lake Eyasi is Seasonal shallow salt lake situated on the floor of the Great Rift Valley at the base of Serengeti plateau. Several indigenous tribes, whose still living in their own ancient traditional way of life, living around the lake. One of the tribes that live around the lake over 10 thousands of years, is the Hadzabe tribe. The Hadzabe people are one of the only communities around the world that still living as hunter-gatherers. During your visit you will get a chance to go hunt with the men of the tribe, visit their temporary resident and watch their traditional dance.

Another tribe whom live in this area is the Datoga tribe. They are very skilled farmers. They own herds of cows, goats, donkeys, sheep, and raise chickens for their living. Another unique tribe around the lake are the Blacksmiths tribe. They are specialists of iron craft as they are creating jewelry and useful tools, also they provide the Hadzabe hunters Iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for honey and fruits. In your visit you will get know the Datoga and Blacksmiths people, and visit their market and see how making their iron crafts.

We are operating tours for Lake Eyasi as day tours and multiple days programs, according to your preferences.

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