1. Spice tour

This one is one of the most popular excursions in Zanzibar, as well as one of the most interesting and trips. In this tour, you will visit farms of different varieties of fruits, spices& herbs. Fruits such as banana, pineapple, breadfruits, passionfruit, and spices such as Cloves as the island is famous as one of the leading cloves producers, which is about ¾ total of world supply. Black pepper and ginger are common spices on the island as well. Apart from that in this tour, you will get a chance to see Henna trees which produce a dye from its crushed leaves used by women to decorate their hands and feet in a delicate beautiful pattern. Your tour guide will explain to you about the fruits, the spices, and the herbs whose found on the island – how they grow, harvest and usage, and you will get a chance to taste and smell. After the tour, you will get a chance to have lunch (traditional Swahili local food).

  1. Prison island tour

The island is also known as Changuu Island, Historic occasions on this island gave the island the nickname ‘’Prison island”. It was built by Lloyd Matthew in 1893 to keep stubborn slaves, but later it becomes a harbor for the sick people from epidemic diseases. Your guide will explain to you everything about the history of the island, and while you are there you will get a chance to see and experience wildlife in the giant tortoises from Aldabra, with an average weight of 200kg, some are above 100 years old. You will get a chance to touch them, feed them and take pictures with them. You will also get a chance to walk around the island, snorkeling in the coral reefs around the island, or relax along the beach if you don’t feel like snorkeling.

  1. Jozani forest

Jozani forest is found within the Jozani-Chwaka Bay national park, which is the only National park in Zanzibar. On this trip you will get a chance to see the other side of Zanzibar, apart from seeing beautiful white sand beaches, clear water ocean and historical palaces, Zanzibar also has a green thick rainforest. The park is very small, around 50 square kilometers, found in the southeast part of Zanzibar, just a short ride from Paje village. Even though it is a small park, it is such a beautiful place to visit as the park is very famous for beautiful rare red colobus monkeys, 50 different species of butterflies (some are huge as a palm of a hand), 40 different species of birds. The forest includes shrubs, swamps, and different species of mangroves. You will also get a chance to follow the parks’ trails into the wild forest. While you are there it is advised to keep at least 3 meters between you and the wildlife to avoid contamination of various diseases from humans to animals.

  1. Stone Town City Tour

In the past Zanzibar use to be the biggest center of East Africa, famous for trading of spices and slaves. Stone town is a UNESCO heritage site and this will give you a chance to explore and discover the historical sites such as the palace museums, the house of wonder, Dr. Livingstone house, The Arab Fort, Zanzibar bustling Market, and The Anglican cathedral church of Christ. Stone Town has many things to explore and discover about the history and culture of Zanzibar. In this tour, you will get to know all about the history in local life in the past and in the present.

  1. Dolphin tour

The water around Zanzibar Island is home to 2 species of dolphins – the bottlenose dolphin (black) and the indo-pacific humpback dolphin (white). This tour gives you a unique opportunity to watch these amazing creatures from close and even swim with them!

You will ride on a motorboat and start looking for dolphins. You will be equipped with a snorkel and a mask, once you find the dolphins your guide will let you know when is the right time to jump to the water in order to swim with them. The dolphins are jumping out of the water frequently so make sure you are ready with cameras out to capture them the whole time.

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