Mount Hanang is the fourth highest mountain in Tanzania, rising up to an elevation of 3,423m above sea level. The mountain located in the Hanang district in Manyara region. The hike starts in the town of Katesh. You can do it in one day around 10-12 hours but it is more recommended to spend overnight at the camping area on the mountain ridge and summit the next day. It is highly recommended to overnight on the mountain as you will be able to watch the beautiful views during sunset time in the evening, and during sunrise time early in the morning. The hike is pretty challenging and very steep at times, as you gain an altitude of 1,600m over 8.5 kilometers, so it suites better for hikers in good shape with climbing experience.
This mountain is a great option for budget travelers who seek a cheap but rewarding mountain climb.

Private transfer from Arusha to Katesh and back to Arusha
All the government fees
Meals during the hike (lunch and dinner the first day and breakfast and lunch the last day)
Pure drinking water all days of the hike (no limit)
One night camping, including camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bag, mattress
Professional Mountain crew of Guide, porter and a cook
Local and international flights
Accommodation in Arusha
Personal items
Travelling Insurance
Tips and gratitudes

Day 1 : From Arusha To Hanang Mountain

The tour starts in Arusha, after breakfast start a trip to Katesh town, around 4 hour drive from Arusha. Along the way you will pass through huge farming area and mountains created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. You will have Lunch at Katesh before starting the hike. The hike starts in the lower slopes which covered by montane forest. After you pass the forest, the habitat changes and become more of heathland and high altitude grassland, and you will be able to watch breathtaking panoramic views of Katesh town and the farms around. Later you will arrive at the campsite for resting, dinner and overnight. From the campsite you will enjoy the beautiful views of the lakes and the craters below as the sun comes down.
Estimate hiking time: 4-5 hours


Day 2 : Summit And Descend Back To Katesh Then Arusha

On the next day you Wake up early in the morning (around 5:30 am), eat some snacks and set off to start the summit hike. You will enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from the campsite and on the way to the summit. The hike is going through a narrow trail, crossing a mountain ridge, walking through small hills, as you ascend and descend frequently, and at times you may need to use your hands to support yourself in some steep rocky walls you will need to cross. After a challenging night hike, you will finally reach the summit. At the summit, on a clear day, you will be able to see an amazing view of Lake Balangida and Katesh down. Later on starting to descend the same way you ascended, you will be witness for a stunning 360 degrees view all the way back to the campsite, there you will have breakfast. After breakfast you will start descending all the way back to the gate. Take some precautions on the way down, and make sure you are doing it steady and slowly since the trail is very steep and you can easily slip. From the gate our transport car will be waiting for you to pick you up and bringing you back to Arusha.
Estimate hiking time: 2-3 hours to the summit; 3-4 hours descending back to the gate.

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