Rongai Route-6 Days

Rongai Route-6 Days2019-03-01T09:25:38+00:00

Day 1: Rongai Gate(1950m) to first cave camp(2600m)

Pick up from your hotel to Marangu gate for registration and organizing staffs to make sure everything is there and well arranged. From Marangu gate start hiking off to Rongai, along the way you pass through the Mountain forest and later reach to the First cave camp for dinner and overnight. First day of the hike will take approximately 5hrs from Rongai to First cave camp.

Day 2: First cave camp(2650m) to kikelelwa cave(3600m)

After breakfast start ascending from First cave camp to Kikelelwa cave which will take approximately 6-7 hrs, passing through moorland. Dinner and overnight at Kikelelwa cave.

Day 3:Kikelelwa cave(3600m) to Mawenzi tarn hut(4330m)

After breakfast starts off the hike which will take approximately 3 to 4 hrs, from Kikelelwa cave to Mawenzi tarn hut walking through moorland steep grassy slopes trails, spend the afternoon acclimatization at Mawenzi tarn camp where also you will have dinner and overnight.

Day 4:Mawenzi tarn hut (4330m) to Kibo hut(4700m)

Approximately 4-5 hrs hike from Mawenzi tarn hut to Kibo hut, walking throughthe eastern side of Kibo crossing the saddle area in between, in Alpine desert the area is exposed and experience frequent wind, after hiking for almost 5 hrs you will reach at Kibo hut for the rest of the day, relaxing and acclimatization, preparing for the summit which will start in the middle of the night. You will have to sleep early.

Day 5: Summit attempt, from Kibo hut(4700m) to Uhuru peak(5895m), to Horombo hut

Start ascending in the midnight after having some tea and biscuits, the path is very steep with a lot of stone scree, with the lowest part consists of rocks to Hans Meyer’s Point(5150m). It is a good resting point on a way up, then after the path starts to meander in a zig zag up to the Gilman’s point(5681m) which is on a crater rim. From Gilman’s point to Uhuru peak it is snow all the way. You will reach at Uhuru peak (5895m) for pictures and viewing but the weather will determine time to spend there at the summit. After the summit you will need like 3 hrs to descent to Kibo hut and short break and continue descending for another 3 hrs to HoromboHut for dinner and overnight

Day 6:Horombo hut(3720m) to Marangu gate(1970m)

The last day of the hike which will take approximately 6 hrs, after breakfast continue descending down through Mandara hut walking through moorland and forest to Marangu gate where by hikers will be required to fill in their information and certificate rewards for those who made it to the summit. Afterwards pick up from the gate back to your hotel.