Lemosho Route-6 Days

Day 1:Londorossi gate(2100m) to MtiMkubwa camp(2750m)

Pick up from your hotel after breakfast to Londorossi gate where you start by registration, arranging staffs and making sure everything is in place before starting the hiking. It’s the first day of the hike and it takes approximately 3 hrs from Londorossi gate to MtiMkubwa(Big tree) camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 2:MtiMkubwa (2750m) to Shira camp(3840m)

The second day of the hike which will take approximately 7 hrs, after breakfast starts off the hike to Shira 2 camp which is an exposed campsite, so it will be colder then the previous night. Dinner and overnight at Shira Camp

Day 3:Shira camp(3840m) to Lava tower(4630m) to Barranco camp(3950m).

After breakfast at Shira camp continue ascending and now into semi desert and rocky landscape surrounding Lava tower(4630m). After 5 hrs walk you will stop for lunch, after lunch start descending  down(680m) to Barranco camp. Its acclimatization and it takes approximately 2 hrs to Barranco, it offers a great opportunity to take photography to the western breach wall. Dinner and overnight at Barranco camp.

Day 4:Barranco camp(3950m) to Barafu camp(4550m)

Its approximately 7 hrs walk from Barranco camp to Barafu Camp, After breakfast starts hiking through the trail that leads to Karangavalley over superseding ridges, The valley join up with Mweka route. This valley is considered to be the last point of water as there is no water at Barafu camp where you will spend the night. Summit now is further 1345 m and you will make the final ascent the same night. You will have to go to bead early 19hrs ready for the summit.

Day 5:Summit day-Barafu camp to Uhuru peak(5895 m)

Wake up around 23hrs for some tea and biscuits and after all the preparations start ascending to the summit, along the way reach at Stella point(5685m) where you will have a short rest and you will get a chance to see the sunrise. From Stella point normally you came across all the way to Uhuru peak, you will spend sometime at the summit, taking pictures and enjoying the view but it will depend with the weather. After start descending back to Barafu camp which will take almost 3 hrs. Reaching at Barafu camp you will get a chance to rest and collect all of your equipments before heading down to Mweka hut(3100m) where you will have dinner and overnight.

Day 6:Mweka camp(3100m) to Mweka gate(1980m)

The last hiking day it takes approximately 3 hrs, after breakfast you will continue descending to Mweka gate where you will fill in your information and certificate rewards for those who made to the summit. After start off back this your hotel.