Cultural Tourism

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Visiting Masai Villages

Tanzania has almost 120 tribes existing, Masai tribe is one of the famous typical African tradition due to it’s unique identity and way of life.In this visit you will get a chance to visit the Masai villages  and See at first hand their ways of life, activities and traditions such as dancing style, singing style, medical & herbs practice, visit their Bomas(traditional houses) and see their living and sleeping arrangements etc.

In this trip you can do it as a day trip or you can overnight in the villages and experience more of their traditional and culture.

Lake Eyas

Seasonal shallow  salt lake on the floor of the great rift Valley at the base of Serengeti plateau, also tourist will get a chance also to visit the tribes residing around such as Hadzabe tribe which rely on free ranging game for hunting and the gathering of wild foods a berries honey and tubers, the tourists will get a chance to do hunting , to experience and enjoy a truly fascinating the Hadzabe lifestyle.

In this package there is also visiting of another tribe called Datoga tribe, these are the pastoralist also skilled silversmith who lives near hadza and supply them with Iron tips, knives and spears in exchange for honey and fruits, where the tourist will get a chance to visit their market and and see how the blacksmith operates.